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Schumann’s lieder in his cycle are each self-contained, whereas the sixteen songs are featured in my work as individual islands woven organically into a larger, newly created composition. Schumann’s harmonies and melodies form the basis of my work, acting as a wellspring for my tonal stream. All Heine’s texts and Schumann’s melodic lines are retained, although certain text passages are repeated or given new focal points. Here everything remains in a state of flux: a tonal stream of the subconscious. Accompanied by associative visualisation, my work does not narrate a chronological story, but unexpectedly opens individual windows in the human soul.


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Shanghai Chinese Orchestra (SHCO). Inspired by the interaction and mergence of the Chinese and Western cultures in Shanghai as well as the history of the city, Christian Jost intends to present the inclusive atmosphere and cultural diversity of the city from a foreigner’s perspective by this harmonic mixing orchestral work. Shanghai Odyssey expresses two scenes of the city in the mind of the composer: while the giant highrises and endless bustling streets contrast with the nearby tranquil roads lined with rows of London plane trees in the former French Concession, the city is also constantly switching between bustle and peace as well as between new development and memories in the past. The five movements of the work are also constructed under such symmetric structure, and the harmonic mixing with strong tempo manifests the juxtaposition between external power and internal change which contains a driving force within that makes this music work a city’s journey of seeking for harmony through reincarnation.



Live-recording out now on NEUE MEISTER, available on i-tunes, spotify, amazon and so on...


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Unexpected and surprising collaboration with visual Artist Tabea Rothfuchs, where she was using a groovy track of mine turned into something rather cool "Ferrofluid Drums", and that's what we came up with!


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The instruments are shipped, almost every member of u-theatre is back to Taiwan, LOVER is premiered and 3 soldout performances behind us. Here is a wonderful review on 3sat about this very unique project. A project that will move on, floating like a river, although its complete, the performance is a work in progress, a constant trial, a lifetime experience, no matter what...


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2 x Hören

2 x hören - zeitgenössisch Magnus Lindberg Piano Trio

Mo 28.05.2018
Trio Boulanger, Moderation: CHRISTIAN JOST

A work is performed – perhaps without previous knowledge on the part of the audience, in any case without a programme booklet or an introduction. Afterwards, Christian Jost and artists talk about the background and characteristics of the work, which will then be played for a second time. The series alternates between contemporary and classical music.

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Composer & Conductor

“I am permanently on the search for the magic moment and can only achieve this through a complex and differentiated ratio between structure, form and tone.”   Christian Jost

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Christian Jost has been commissioned by leading orchestras, festivals and opera houses around the world, including the Berlin Philharmonic, the Jerusalem Chamber Music Festival, the Zurich Opera. He has conducted orchestras such as the Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Essen Philharmonic, the National Symphony Orchestra Taiwan and the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin. His operas have been included in the repertoire of European opera houses, and his orchestral compositions have been regularly performed worldwide. In 2003, he received the Ernst von Siemens Foundation Encouragement Prize. In 2009, his opera Hamlet was praised as the “World Premiere of the Year”.

His works are published exclusively at SCHOTT MUSIC

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