Nocturnal City
Wandering between Jazz and Classical with Michael Wollny and the Berlin Philharmonic. “Nocturnal City” is part of “The Nocturnal Project” a collaboration with Jazz pianist Michael Wollny
DICHTERLIEBE after Robert Schumanns "Dichterliebe" op.48 based on texts by Heinrich Heine "Making of" of the world premiere Production at the Konzerthaus Berlin, october 21. 2017 with Peter Lodahl - Tenor and the Horenstein Ensemble Berlin under the musical direction of Christian Jost
BerlinSymphony and LoverSkysong
Making of BerlinSymphony and LoverSkysong production with Ivan Fischer and Konzerthaus Berlin and Deutsches Kammerorchester conducted by Christian Jost
A West-Eastern Love Dialogue, Music-dance-theatre work for chorus and percussion with Rundfunkchor Berlin and the U-theatre Taiwan
Rote Laterne
Opera after the novel “Wives and Concubines” by Su Tong and the award winning movie “red lantern’ by Zhang Yimou. Trailer to the world premiere production of the Zurich Opera
Trailer to the opera “Hamlet” in the world premiere production at the Komische Oper Berlin with Stella in the title role
Heart Sutra
video of the complete Chamber opera in 4 scenes and a proloque after the same named short story by legendary Chinese writer Zhang Ai-ling
Large 5 part orchestral Symphony for traditional Chinese orchestra world premiered in Shanghai 2017
Der explodierende Kopf
Dramatic Song for Soprano and Piano on words by Franz Kafka and here his last page of the short novel “Das Urteil”
Opera based on short novel by writer and filmaker Guilliermo Arriaga (21Gramm, Amores Perros, Babel, Burning Plain) Rumor was world premiered at the Vlaamse Opera in Antwerp/Gent. This short clip is from the german premiere in Heidelberg
Rumor Images
The cello and piano chamber music “Rumor Images” is part of the music of the opera “Rumor”
Podcast mit Christian Jost
Takling about the new operas EGMONT and Reise der Hoffnung-Voyage vers l’espoir as well as Dichterliebe
Rote Laterne Gespräch
Conversation about the opera “Rote Laterne” with Claus Spahn and Christian Jost